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The LionHeart Group is a unique global investment organization with a growing client base around the world. We serve corporations, municipalities, entrepreneurs and high net worth individuals. We are registered in Hong Kong since 2006 and our network of Agents operate in more than 50 countries. We offer a range of financial services to help our clients achieve their goals. We provide strategic advice, finance projects raise capital and extend liquidity. Across our business, our goal is to help clients succeed. One of the most important functions we serve is extending credit to companies to help them expand and grow.

Our affiliate companies assist us in carrying out various undertakings for and on behalf of of our clients. LionHeart Trade Finance, this organisation processes and markets most of the products and services offered within the LionHeart Group. this company specialises in Leasing and Purchasing Financial Guarantees, Project Funding, Forfeiting and Monetizing Financial Instruments and Private Placement Opportunities for corporations high net worth individuals

We commit people, capital and ideas to help our clients we serve to grow and flourish, while contributing to the global economy. we commit people, capital that enables them to grow, assist them in launching new products, build factories and invest in research and development. We invest our capital together with our clients Double in growing their business, which helps create jobs and expand the local economy. Helping meet our clients calls is our paramount aim at the LionHeart Group. Our detailed industry knowledge and proven record of success helps us create an environment that values diversity and inclusion in all of our activities. Our clients are truly international, and with our knowledge of local regulations it gives us a leading-edge in assessing each project.